You should take calcium rich food during your pregnancy…


Are you conceive recently? if Yes, you already consulted a gynecologist and he/she may suggested to take calcium rich food. So read this complete article. It may useful to you. Healthy food and high nutrition food is required for pregnant ladies. Because of there is two lives, one for lady and another for baby.

First three months in pregnancy is very crucial and you should take more care on your diet. Because of In that three months, bones and teeth will form and it will give strength to mother’s heart and muscles in the womb. Calcium plays a major role in all these things.

So calcium is must intake for pregnant ladies. Here we have some calcium rich food


One glass of milk will give energy to entire day. So take at least a glass per day. Not only milk, other milk products also good for health like cheese, curd etc…


Oranges are best option for pregnant ladies. Because of oranges are rich in calcium and rich in anti oxidants. They will give C vitamin and increase immunity power. Ladies get easy pregnancy with this fruit.

Dry dates

It is a high energy nutrition food. It gives strength to bones and teeth.

Dried figs

You may get 241 grams calcium with a cup of dried figs. Along with calcium, it have omega 3 fatty acids, fibers and minerals like zinc.

Oat meal

Oats are high nutritive food. It have calcium, riboflavin, folic acids and potassium.


Almond is rich in calcium compare to other nuts. It will reduce pregnancy complications.