You can beat cancer by good nutrition..


Are you suffering from cancer ? Are you using medicine for that ? Of course if you have cancer you should use medicine. Medicine is mandatory for cancer patients. But along with medicine if you take good nutritive food you will get a quick recovery. Here we have some nutrition plan.

Improve Immunization power

First of all you should avoid junk foods and fry curries. And you should take food which is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers like vegetables and fruits. You must avoid high fat content foods.

Avoid meat and fats

Fruits and vegetables supply vitamins and minerals which will helps to replace damaged cells. So take fruits and vegetables in place of meat and high fat content foods.

Diet plan for cancer patients

* Don’t cook on high temperatures and boil on small temperatures.

* Because nutritive values may vanish on high temperatures.

* You should take good nutritive food only. Even you eat in small amount it will give good results.

* One more thing is cancer patients don’t get hungry. So you should take food items which will increase your hunger.

By taking high nutritive food cancer patients will get more immunity power. So consult doctor and make your own diet plan.