With in 15 days,Your bones will strengthen like iron. If you drink this only…..

Bones are very essential organs in human body. Because of it regulates body movements, body functioning and protection. Not only these but also it plays a main role in blood cell formation, storage of minerals and Endocrine regulation. It gives protections for heart, lungs, brain and kidneys. So you should need to maintain a good health of bones. And your bones may weak due to not maintain good diet, lack of body exercises , infections and inheritance problems. This may leads to joints pains and osteoporosis. If you wants to make your bones harder, just have this drink.



2 teaspoons of honey
1 spoon of sesame seeds
1/2 spoon of pumpkin seeds

Making process

Take above all ingredients and grind like paste. Mix this paste with a cup of hot milk. And drink it. Have this drink on every morning for 15 days and you will get strong bones.