What happened ??  If glass broken in home…


Some people gets fear if any glass item broken in their home. Because of they have one belief that they may get 7 years bad luck for broken glass. If you also feels like that Please don’t be foolish with that type of blind beliefs. Here we explain the cautions for broken glass. Read this complete article.

1. In ancient days, there is no mirrors. And people had used ponds and rivers as like mirrors. At that time people had a belief that if there any movement in their reflection they may get bad luck. So the same belief continued till now.

2.Take that broken glass pieces carefully and make it powder and throw in the dust bin. Don’t throw pieces directly.

3. If you have a strong belief in that blind thing. Just take some salt with a right hand and throw away onto the left shoulder. Don’t do in reverse if you do it in reverse you may get double bad luck. Because of that if you throw salt with left hand onto the right shoulder is gives double bad luck.

4. Moon have a lot of effect on few things. So take one piece of that broken mirror and see moon through that piece on coming 1st moon day. It will reduce your bad luck.

5. Breaking mirror is a simple thing. But if you think like it may bring bad luck to you and your family, You will get negative things only. Think positive only and then only you will get positive result everywhere.