7 Tips to Gain Weight

7 Tips to Gain Weight

Gaining weight in a healthy way is not easy as we assume.If you follow the tips which are given below will help ypu the most in gaining weight.
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Follow the Regular Diet :-

Include nuts,butter,ghee,dry fruits,yogurt,milk,cheese and avocado in your regular diet.Don’t skip your lunch.Try to eat more than three times a day.This helps you to gain weight easily.

Increase Your Food Quantity :-

Try to increase your food quantity.If you are facing problem with the increasing of intake of food divide them in to turns by eating more number of times.Try to take more quantity of non-veg in your food.this makes you to increase weight.

Including Snacks Along with Your Regular Diet :-

Having snacks which are rich in calories.If you are busy with your work,carry snacks like chocolates,bananas,dry fruits etc and can have them whenever required but don’t skip them.

Including Drinks that Contain Calories :-

Replace water with the drinks with high calories but not completely.For example,fruit juices,milk etc,.These are widely useful in increasing weight.

Protein Food :-

Protein food makes you more hungry and helps you in increasing body weight like eggs and almonds.
Intake must be 500 calories daily For gaining one pound of weight in a week you need to include 500 calories in your regular diet.Use butter and cheese in making your food that helps gain more weight.Don’t use skimmed milk.Use fat milk.This helps you gain weight.

Exercises :-

Regular exercises makes body fit and helps in gaining weight.

Don’t Eat Junk Foods :-

Eating junk foods makes you fat but with lack of vitamins and proteins. these are unhealthy.