These 8 problems will leave you, if you take one banana everyday…..

Banana, It’s a casual diet for everyone. And many people take banana for reducing hunger. It will available in all kinds of seasons. But maximum number of people don’t the nutritive values of banana. Actually many people said that an apple is enough to avoid doctor, but as like apple, banana also helps to avoid doctor. Banana have natural sugars, fibers, vitamins, potassium and it is fat less and colesterol less fruit. So you should add one banana in your regular diet. Here we will see some interesting facts about banana.

* If you face problems with heart burn, acid reflux, banana will give you relief.

*One banana per day for entire month will give a relief from Constipation,

*It will supply energy for entire day because of it is rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers and potassium.

*It have more potassium and less sodium. So it controls the blood pressure.

*Fibers and potassium both helps to digestion. That’s why many people prefers banana after meal.

*It have iron also. So it reduces anemia chances.

*It will controls acidity problems in stomach.

*This is good for your eyes also. Because it have vitamin A.