Silent features of silent Heart Attack

Actually people may get chest pain or uneasiness in breathing when the get heart attack. But Some people doesn’t get any indications before heart attack. This is known as silent heart attack. Diabetic patients and women have a high chances for heart attack. Here we have some silent features of silent heart attack.


Blood flow will reduce by getting pressure on blood vessels in heart. By this reason people may get tidiness. This indication will shown mainly in women. So if you feel tidiness it better to check heart functioning by Electrogram.

Unease at throat, neck or jaw

You may feel some uneasiness on your neck or throat or jaw. If you get this feel it’s better to consult doctor immediately.

 Disturbance in stomach

Vomiting or digestive problems are also one kind of heart attack indication.


A form of indigestion felt as a burning sensation in the chest.  This is not a problem. But if you get a uneven heartburn it is a symbol for heart attack.