shocking things that happens for every minute…

Time is very precious in the entire world. Because of your life is very small. If you die here you will start from starting point. No pause button in life, only stop button. So you should utilize each and every minute in your life. Don’t waste time for unnecessary things.
Do you know home many things happens in a single minute? Here we gave a answer for that question.
* 45,632 liters of wine
Not only wine, this total alcohol consumption. No need of any situation for drinking alcohol. Nowadays  even for death anniversaries also people celebrating.
* More than 1 million people Showing interest on sex
For every minute, more than one million people getting interest on sex. From that only many people predicts that population will increase more in future.
* 250 new born babies
250 new born babies for every minute. But in those 250, 113 are below poverty line and 15 are having some genetic disorders.
* marriages: 59
59 marriages happens every minute.
* 523 dollars for Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey earns 523 dollars per minute. She is one of the richest persons from America. 62 year old Winfrey works as talk show host, actress, producer and media proprietor.
* Photos clicked : 722,504
Nowadays camera is a normal thing and maximum everyone have cameras. So this is not surprising number.
Nike companies income : 36,505 dollars per minute
* Charities get 3,137,187 dollars.
2 Thefts for every minute.
* 360 sparks or thunders reaches earth.
*9 Members get affected by Aids/HIV
* America collects 120,673 pounds food waste.
* 5 earth quakes per minute.
* 1,875,000 people click LIKE button on facebook.
* 107 deaths.
18 people die from hungry.
* 150,184 gifts per minute.
* 48,000,000 Phone calls in entire world.
* America noticed 3 crimes per minute.