Natural Lip Balms

Natural Lip Balms

We are using many lip balms which contains chemicals.Try natural lip balms which makes your lip soft and beautiful.
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Olive Oil :-

In winter your lips will become dry,use olive oil to your lips.Before going to bed daily use olive oil to you cold lips.It makes your lips smooth.

Honey :-

Before going to bed use honey to your lips,it removes dead skin cells from your lips.Mix rose petals with honey,it makes your pink.

Coconut Oil :-

Use coconut oil to your lips daily before going to bed,next day morning wash with water.It is used in many lip balms.It acts as natural lip balm.

Cucumber :-

It helps to remove blackness of your lips.Massage your lips with cucumber juice,leave it for 5 mins then wash with cold water.

Glycerin :-

Due to the sunlight and air your lips color will become dull.Use glycerin with cotton to your lips daily before going to bed.This avoids dull color of your lips.

Aloevera :-

Aloevera helps to remove dryness and cracks of your lips.If you use with olive oil,it works as good lip balm.You can also use it with vitamin E capsules.