Maida will kill you… Side effects of Maida



Most of the things made in hotels are made up of maida only. Examples are chapathi, dosa, parotta, roti etc. These things are tasty and attractive. But Maida is very dangerous to our health.

Toxic chemicals in Maida

Maida is yellowish wheat powder and It will turn into white color by adding Azodicarbonamide, Chlorine gas and Benzoyl peroxide chemicals. Benzoyl peroxide is banned in china. Maida have a toxin named Alloxan. Which is used for softness.

Side effects of Maida

* Maida don’t have any fiber content. So it’s difficult for digestion.

* Maida have sticky nature. So it’s stick in intestine and turn into birth place for germs.

* It may causes cancer.

*Stones in kidneys

*Increase chances for heart problems.

*Women may face breast problems.

*People may get obesity.

*Increase blood sugars.

Be conscious about your health. Automatically you avoid this type of food.