Is sabudana(Sago) veg or non-veg ???

Indians are using sabudana in their cultural activities. Mainly in fasting. But recently some people spread a false statement on sabudana. So many hindu people get confused on using it. Because it is festival time and many people will do fasting. But for a clarification there is no problem and the statements are false.
The false statement is that sabudana is made from Eel fish. But this is not correct. Sabudana is a pure vegetarian product. Without proofs don’t belief anything and just read our complete article. It will clear all your doubts.
What is sabudana
Sabudana is a hindi term. This is cultivated in fields. And internationally it is called as “Cassava”.
Making process
First these are take from fields with including roots. Crush this sabudana and take liquid substance from that. Filter those liquid and put in tanks for 3-8 hours. After this time, solid and liquid materials will separate. Make that solid substance as a small ball like structures with the help of machines. Finally dry that balls in sun light.
So from this concept you should know that Sabudana is pure vegetable and not non-veg.