Is it diet soda helps you to gain weight ???


Diet soda, it defines as calorie-free carbonated beverages sweetened with aspartame, sucralose, acesulframe-potassium or other non-caloric or minimally caloric sweeteners. Many people believe that diet soda will increase your weight and Texas health science center and San Antonio’s school of medicine also said the same thing, But American diabetic association proved that these all are false statements and they give a one more statement that is even though you may gain weight by diet soda you should not use diet soda. It have a more side effects.


As per American diabetic association, Diet soda will increase sugar levels in your blood. So if you take diet soda regularly you may get diabetics.


This is conformed by Nutrition epidemiology of University of North Korea. With addition to weight, diet soda or carbonated liquids will effect to obesity.

Long lasting diseases

As per US food and drug administration, Artificial sugars will effect on your nervous system. And the people who are drinking this sugars two times or more than that will face heart problems.