Interesting facts about human voice…


No one in the world to have same voices. You may feel some voices are same but a minute change will be there. Some people have very sweet voice and some people may have horrible voice. Here we have some hidden secrets of our voice. So read our complete article.

Voice may change by your age

Your don’t have same voice for entire life. In teenage you get a big change in your voice. Because of you vocal cords will turns to thick.

Men will have loud voice

It’s a known fact that men’s voice differs with women. Some boys have loud voice and some have low voice. But loud voiced boys are more than low voiced boys.

Human voice will produce 129 db maximum

As per guinness recods, human will produce 129 db of sound.

Human voice recorded for the first time in 1860

Phonautograph invented in this year by Eduouard leon scott de martinville. And he recorded his voice with his invention.

Human voice will produce different kinds of sounds

You will see this at mimicry shows. And some singers also sing with different voices.

You may reduce men’s loud voice by Castration

After coming teenagers, many boys get a change in their voices. But some have a loud voices. So if they may get castration their voice will be smooth.