How to Gain Weight Naturally

How to Gain Weight Naturally

If you want to put on weight to look better,so many supplements are available in the market but they had lot of side effects.So try to gain weight naturally by following natural ways.This blog contains so many natural tips which helps you to gain weight.
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How to gain weight :-

If you want gain weight in 35 days in a natural way.Follow the below tips and procedures.

Count the Calories :-

Daily count how many calories you are taking and how many you are burning.Try to take more calories than you burn.By using BMR based on your weight calculate how many calories you burn per day.Take 125 calories more than that.In general to gain 1 pound weight you need 3500 calories.

Eat more Times :-

Eat for every 3 to 4 hours, this helps you to gain weight.

Natural Drinks :-

Drink more fruit juices and shakes.Custard apple and yogurt helps you to gain weight.

Diet :-

Include healthy foods in your diet. Add avocado to your salads,it contains 332 calories.Include butter, peanuts,paneer in your diet.

Exercises :-

some exercises will help you to gain weight like weight lifting.These exercises not only helps to gain weight but also helps you to stay healthy.

Carbohydrates :-

Eat foods which contains more carbohydrates.Whole grains, multi grain bread,brown rice,potatoes are rich in carbohydrates.Use edible fish oil and sun flower oil to cook your food.

Consult Physician :-

Consult physician and take his guidance to gain weight.

How to Gain Weight Naturally