Health benefits of Pineapple…

Vegetarian food is very good for human health. For example, Fresh vegetables, cereals, pulses and fruits will give good energy and increase immunization power. In fruits, Pineapple have some special qualities. Pineapple have good taste and smell. Along these qualities, it have 85% water, 13% sugars, 0.35% fiber content and some vitamins like A,B,C. Here we have some it’s medical values.

1. Pregnant women, it’s better to avoid pineapple. Because it will close your uterus.

2. Germs in your stomach will die by just taking a spoon of honey with pineapple leaves juice.

3. It will cure hepatitis, melt stones in kidneys and reduce body pains like waist pain.

4. It will increase your eye sight, bones growth, digestion and increase hunger in children.