Foods for Smooth Skin

Foods for Smooth Skin

All are using many creams for soft skin.But by taking some foods your skin will become smooth.Try below foods.
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Avocado :-

Avocado increases the Avocado is good for both hair and skin.It provides natural oils to the cells.It contains vitamin A which makes your skin shiny.It contains vitamin B which makes your skin smooth and soft.

Tomato :-

Tomato contains anti oxidants.It protects your skin from UV rays and it fights against the many skin problems which occurs due to sunlight.So include tomatoes in your diet.

Coco Powder :-

Coco powder contains anti oxidants.It helps to remove your skin’s roughness and makes you skin soft.It also protects your skin from many diseases that occurs due to sunlight.

Spinach :-

Spinach contains vitamins A,C,E and K.It slow downs the process which occurs due to age.It decreases the pimples.So include spinach in your diet.

Sun Flower Oil :-

Sun flower oil is used in cosmetics. It contains omega-6 fatty acids.It helps to cure many skin diseases.

Flax Seeds :-

It helps to remove pimples,black marks on you skin.It contains omega-3 fatty acids which removes dead skin cells from the skin.It cures many skin problems.

Almonds :-

Almonds contains anti oxidants and vitamin E.They helps to make your skin smooth.