Foods banned abroad but not in India…


Some food items are banned in abroad but not in India. For example maggi was banned in India but again it sell in India. Like maggi too many harmful items are like that. Here we have few more items.

Asian Honey

Europe countries banned Asian honey. Because of antibiotics and high mineral content in that honey. But American companies are using this honey by importing from china and sold in India.


French government banned ketchup in their country because of it’s a barrier for their traditional food. It forms a layer on food.

Red Bull

France, Denmark and Lithuania banned of drinking red bull by under 18 years people. Because of this energy drink brings heart problems, depression and hyper tension.

Jelly Sweet

Indian government officials feels that jelly will reduce laziness. But it has made up with thick agent called konjac. It will cause breath problems.

Unpasteurized Milk

American government banned unpasteurized milk because of normal milk have parasites.