Everything is fake fake fake… How to identify fake chicken eggs ???

Nowadays people create fake products for every original products. From rice to gold or money to men everything fake. In ancient days fake means just add a small stones in rice or add wood powder in wheat powder like that.This means they reduce some quality of rice. But nowadays people make duplicate for original things means they create rice by own. This is only looks like rice but it’s not rice. It will damage the person’s health who ever eat.

Now we will see about fake chicken eggs.

Here they make eggs by using some special chemicals. And mainly China is in top for making these kind of fake eggs. But now many shop keepers selling these eggs in our Telugu states because of less price.


Just follow this tips to identify fake eggs

* Original egg have less shine compare to fake egg.

* Fake eggs doesn’t have non-veg smell.

* It have hard surface compare to original eggs.

* If you give a movement in fake egg some sounds will come from inner side.

* In some fake eggs, yellow yolk will be in white color.