Do you want to be looking slim ? Just follow these tips..

Are you felling guilty for being obese? or Are felling jealous upon slim people? Don’t worry getting slim body is not a big issue. You no need of doing big exercises and follow a typical diet. Just follow simple and healthy diet. Don’t miss your breakfast.
As per some studies, Everyone must take breakfast. Because of if you don’t take your breakfast you may get stress and you will eat more on stress. Obviously after eating more you will get obese. So take breakfast daily and follow simple exercises and take simple meal. 96% of slim people don’t miss their breakfast.
1. 42% of slim people do exercises at least 4-5 days per week. Body exercises will reduce both fats and stress.
 2. 50% of slim people check their weight every week. If they feel increasing weight, they will follow some more tips.
3. Eat whatever you want. 44% of slim people do this only. But they do that on right time only. Right time means maintain some intervals between food intake.