Do you know ??? what should they mix…

You might shocked if you know these facts. Nowadays everything is artificial and made up on chemicals only. But along with chemicals, makers will add some uneven natural products. For example Bull semen in Shampoo and red bull energy drink, Cockroach powder in lipstick and many uneven things in beauty products. So you should know what should they mix in products.


* Bull semen is used in some artificial proteins and vitamins. But with the addition to that it used in both energy drinks and shampoo.

* Saliva of Whale is used in perfumes.

* Red liquid which is come from grinding of beetles( small size cockroach) is used in lipsticks and that powder is used in some coffee products.

* Shark liver oil is used in moisturizer ( cold creams, oils ). And it has a capacity to reduce cancer.

* Snale will release some gelatinous substance when it moves from one place to another place. That gelatinous substance is used in some face creams to getting shine.

*Dynamite have chemical names as diatomaceous. This diatomaceous is crushed as powder and used in tooth pastes.

* In 1950s, Urea is used in fairness creams. Because of it will increase brightness in face.