Do you know what happens if dead people come in your dreams ?


When we are going to sleep then so many dreams will come.Some of them we remember.Some we forgot. Early morning dreams would come true in real life.There is a article written on “What happens if dead people come into our dreams ?”. Those are signs for caution if dead people who are very close relationship with you.So, our all dreams are not close to our life , and imaginations. It is hard to say those will happen or not ? Lets what happens in future when dead people come into our dreams.

1.If dead father comes into dream …..?

If your fater come into your dream , you will face some evil forces. You will some opportunities.And also aware from your enemies. Keep your honour and respect in society very safely.

2.If dead mother comes …..?

If your mother come , she says take care of your health and also take care about others.

3.If your brothers come , you will establish an organisation in future.

4.If your relatives/friends come , you will face financial problems.

5.These will give you bad and you lose small small happiness.