Do you know how many times can a healthy person urinate per day


We all know eating and drinking items after filtering in kidneys , remaining waste is called urine.Doing urination means releasing wastes outside.In regular some will go less in number , some will go number of time to go to urine.But do you know how many times a healthy person can urinate per day ?

Human need 2 to 3 litres of water daily.This water is sufficient for metabolism.Taking water below the required will cause unhealthy.People who takes 2 litres should urinate 6 to 7 times in a day. Less than 4 times cause unhealthy diseases.More than 7 litres urinating people who also have diabetes ,taking alcohol,tea can also urinate more than 7 litres.Don’t worry about a healthy person urinates more than 7 times.Its natural.But a man who drinks 2 litres of water but going for urine more than 11 times situation is suspected as unhealthy.Then go for doctor.

Lets know about urine

1.Don’t stop urine long time,it will create infection and kidney stones.

2.Healthy man urine in yellow-white colour.

3.Eating some items and drinking will change the colour of urine.Some times smell will also come.If taking healthy food its not a problem.Taking junk food it is a suspecting problem.

4.If urine smells sweet then he has diabetes.

5.In urine 95% is water,remaining is waste.

6.Normal healthy person have 7 seconds duration of urine.If age going increase it will decrease.

7.If you are going aged , you will get so many times urination .