Destiny vs Lines on your hand

Naturally you feel bad for your destiny, if you don’t get success or if you miss any opportunities. But you should know the reasons behind and what is your destiny lines telling.
Palmistry have a seven types of effects depends upon lines of your hand. It tells your past, future and present. So we shell discuss about fate lines.
Deep life line
The people who have deep life line on their hands, they may get good earnings from their father and their own also. They get good success.
Light life line
The people who have light life line may have failures and troubles in their life. But the strong sun line will give good results.
Divided life line
Some persons have a divided life line like Y shape. Those people suffers a lot in their life. Even though they take strong decisions they fell hard to sustain.
Zig zag lines
They have both highs and lows. They got success after succeed from their failures. But they didn’t get this success easily.
Broken life line  –  It will shows danger.
Life line with chains
This one also shows both highs and lows. And these persons stay in between success and failures.