Blackish hair in just 1 month…!!!

Yes it’s True, you will get black hair with in one month. Nowadays many people suffer from this problem. They got white hair in their earlier age. Our Ayurvedic science have a solutions for this problem. Every day 2-3 times rub your one hand fingers to another hand per day. It give good results. Not only white hair but also it will increase hair growth. This experiment done on many bald headed people and proved. Here we have some aurvedic medicine.


Required things for blackish hair

Grinded Henna – 100 grams
Coffee powder – 3 grams
Curd – 25 grams
Lemon juice – 4 spoons
Khadiramu ( Catechu ) – 3 grams
Brahmi churna (powder) -10 grams
Amla powder – 10 grams

procedure :

Take a mixture of all of these and apply to hair. Take a shower after half and hour. If you do regularly for one month you would get good results.