Amazing facts about Beard…!!



Men’s beard plays a major role on attracting others. They will maintain their beard in different styles. Some have a very little beard and some have a very lengthy beard. There are too many styles. In ancient days people fell pride on their beard. From Abraham Lincoln to Otto von bismarck all maintained beards. Here we have some interesting facts about men’s beard.

30 Thousand

Maximum number of men have 30 thousand feathers in their beard.

5.5 inch

Beard will grown up to 5.5 inch per year and half inch per month.

3,350 hours

One man would spend 3,350 hours for shaving his beard in entire life.

27.5 feet

It will grown up to 27.5 feet if you won’t get shave.

55% men

55% men have a interest to having beard.


Compare to other seasons, Beard will grown fast in summer.

It’s not true

Some men feel that if they shave regularly their bread will grow fast. But it’s not true.


Boys who have beard are looking more attractive than who have clean shave.