7 Protein Rich Foods

7 Protein Rich Foods

Your body needs proteins,protein deficiency will leads to many health problems.Protein supplements
has lot of side effects.So try to get proteins through your food, below listed foods are rich in proteins.
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1. Chicken :-

Chicken contains more proteins compared to red meat.Take skinless chicken because skin contains saturated fats.

2. Sea Food :-

Sea food contains low fat and rich in proteins.Fishes like salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids which are good for

3. Cottage Cheese :-

Cottage cheese is rich in proteins and low in fats.Include Cottage cheese in your snacks.

4. Eggs :-

Egg contains proteins,vitamins and minerals.Researches of USA institutes concluded that you can stay healthy by
eating one egg daily.

5. Beans :-

They are various types of beans,all beans are very rich in proteins and fiber. Eat half cup of boiled beans daily.

6. Soya :-

Soya contains proteins,it removes bad cholesterol from your body.It is good for heart.

7. Leafy Vegetables :-

Leafy vegetables contains proteins,antioxidants and amino acids.

7 Protein Rich Foods